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Why Dealers Roll With Us

We’re trusted by the industry’s best. See and hear what they have to say.

Brendan Harrington
President, Longo Toyota
“Since launching Express Storefront®, our market share has grown dramatically and our Customer Satisfaction Scores have risen significantly. It’s now hard to hide our improvements from other dealers who are constantly trying to steal our best practices.”
Longo video poster
Express Storefront®
Audi Rocklin
  • Launched Express Storefront to compliment existing philosophy of transparency
  • Salespeople and customers use the platform to structure car deals side-by-side
  • Used for every first pencil, reducing the frequency of 2nd pencils
  • Roadster prospects close 2:1 over traditional leads
  • $1,000+ increase in front end gross
  • CSI increased by 60 basis points
Tes imgaudi
Luke Smith
General Manager, Audi Rocklin
“When there is transparency of information and ease of making a car deal...closing ratio goes up, CSI goes up and of course that transfers into the back-end of the deal. Roadster is the best thing to ever happen to our dealership!”
Audi rocklin video poster
Express Storefront®
Ford Lincoln Fairfield
  • First Ford Lincoln store on the Roadster platform
  • 100% negotiation free with simple price, payment and process philosophy
  • One person handles the deal from start to finish, including F&I
  • Uses Roadster to structure deals side-by-side with their customers
  • Increased warranty penetration rate to 45% by presenting plans upfront
  • Increased satisfaction with near perfect Net Promoter Score
Tes imgford
Nick Price
General Manager, Ford Lincoln Fairfield
“Everything in this business is about building trust. And Roadster is truly a tool to help you do that.”
Express Trade
Grappone Automotive
  • Went one-price in 2013; focuses more on employee and customer happiness
  • Moving to aggressively offer standalone trades to continue to differentiate
  • 51% look to book last year; better wholesale results than most dealers
  • Moving away from Sales Manager interactive valuations to centralized valuation
 in under 15 minutes using Express Trade
  • Sending all Trades (online or offline) through this process
Tes img9
Amanda Grappone Osmer
President, Grappone Automotive Group
“Our partnership with Roadster allows us to deliver a high-quality purchasing experience and more immediately establish that guest for life relationship.”
Express Storefront®
Paragon Honda
  • Small footprint in Queens, NY
  • Considers itself a “store without walls”
  • Reaching into Manhattan and surrounding markets through Express Storefront
  • Working 850+ Express deals with two people in the BDC
  • 90+ cars sold per month with Express Storefront
Tes img5
There’s no reason for the customer to come in store when we can bring the store to them!
Brian Benstock, VP
Paragon Honda & Acura
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Express Storefront®
Crown Toyota
  • One of the largest Toyota dealerships in the world
  • One price, simple, no-games process
  • Integrates Express Storefront into all outbound marketing
  • Strong follow up, with 25% of leads being online orders
  • In-store tech room used for assisted-buying process
  • 2018 goal to use the platform with 75% of in-store customers
Tes img7
I have purchased plenty of vehicles in my day and the Crown Toyota Express service was the best purchase experience by far. Normally the dealer experience can take hours upon hours before you actually leave with a car, but not with the Express service. I think we may have been out the door in 30 minutes, and the staff was friendly and helpful each step of the way.
Crown Toyota
Tes img8
Express Storefront®
Anderson Honda
  • Proactive use with phone-ups and internet leads, regardless of source
  • Concierge focused; walks customers through the online process
  • Personalizes every experience; one sales team handles all
  • 35% close rate for online orders—2X the conversion of internet leads
  • Expedited process in store, with paperwork done during test drive
Tes img3
Some of the weakest sales people are becoming the strongest because of this platform.
Manny Souza, Sales Manager
Anderson Honda
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