Behind the Wheel

Meet the team that’s dedicated to driving your success.


Andy Moss

Founder + CEO

Andy is a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of expertise in launching and running successful online commerce companies, including Roadster. Before enabling commerce for cars, he founded FabKids, an online children’s apparel company, which was acquired by JustFab; ShopStyle, the leading fashion search engine, which was acquired by POPSUGAR; and Cairo, an online service for retail discounts. He also held executive positions in business development at DemandTec and Ariba. Andy holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Manchester, England.

  • First car: White Austin 1100
  • Current car: Porsche Macan
  • Dream car: 1963 e-Type Jaguar

Rudi Thun


A Detroit native, Rudi turned his boyhood passion for cars into a career. He has been an executive leader in online automotive for more than 15 years. Prior to overseeing Roadster’s daily operations, Rudi was Head of Vehicles for eBay Motors. Before eBay, Rudi was COO of CarWoo!, a VC-funded new car marketplace. And prior to that, he was VP and General Manager of AOL’s automotive properties. Rudi’s very first job was with Ford Motor Company. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Cornell University and an MBA from University of California at Berkeley.

  • First car: Two-tone 1977 Caprice Classic
  • Current car: 2011 BMW 335D
  • Dream car: 2016 Porsche 911 GT3

Dave Latham

VP, Product

Dave is responsible for Roadster’s product development, including user research and experience. He’s highly motivated by the idea that technology helps solve problems for people, and has spent the last 15 years trying to deeply understand the feelings, rationales (or lack thereof) and behaviors associated with car buying and ownership. Prior to teaming up with Roadster, he ran user experience and future products for TrueCar, pre- and post-IPO. He has also been an executive at CarWoo!, a VC-funded new car marketplace, as well as the leader of product for automotive ad firm, Jumpstart. Jumpstart was acquired by Hearst, where Dave also ran digital products for Car and Driver and Road & Track magazines. Dave holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Oregon.

  • First car: Chevy S10 pickup
  • Current car: 1990 Porsche 911 (the first 2-wheel drive 964)
  • Dream car: 1957 Porsche 356 Speedster

Lisa Macnew

VP, People

Lisa is Roadster’s people person — responsible for hiring, developing and retaining its team members. Her 15 years of experience in culture development and employee experience has enabled her to create winning talent strategies for Bay Area tech companies. Prior to Roadster, Lisa held HR leadership roles at POPSUGAR, Weebly and Leanplum. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from the University of Maryland.

  • First car: Honda Civic
  • Current car: Mini Cooper Countryman
  • Dream car: 1967 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible

Kevin Lorell

VP, Customer Success

An automotive industry vet of 10 years, Kevin oversees implementation and technical support for all of Roadster’s Express Storefront®. Prior to joining Roadster, he helped start and scale Tesla’s Certified Pre-Owned and Remarketing programs. Before that, he worked at eBay Motors and Carmax. Kevin holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology, as well as an MBA, from the University of Southern California.

  • First car: 1997 manual transmission Honda Accord
  • Current car: BMW i3
  • Dream car: Singer modified Porsche 911

Levon Sarkissian

VP, Business Development & Enterprise

Levon oversees the growth and development of Roadster’s OEM and Enterprise partnerships, both in North America and around the globe. Prior to teaming up with Roadster, he spent many years as an equity analyst at an alternative investment fund, and later developed a used-vehicle selling tool called CarZar. Levon began his career in automotive as an account executive at Cartelligent. He graduated from the University of San Francisco with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Entrepreneurship.

  • First car: 1978 E-Z Go 400
  • Current car: BMW I3 / M4
  • Dream car: McLaren F1

Nick Villasenor

VP, Sales Strategy

Nick has been an influential automotive industry leader throughout his career and now heads up Sales Operations, Enablement and Training at Roadster. He grew up in a car-business family and enjoyed a 15 year run in auto sales and sales leadership prior to joining Roadster. During that time, Nick led Cobalt’s National and Enterprise sales teams, as well as large field and inside sales organizations for the Digital Marketing businesses. He also oversaw CDK’s entire inside sales organization across both Retail and Digital divisions. At Roadster, Nick supplies the Sales and Business Development teams with insights and strategies to help dealers optimize their success on the Express Storefront platform.

  • First car: 1979 Chevy Citation
  • Current car: Chevy Tahoe
  • Dream car: Black, 1969 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Elsa Kawai

Co-Founder + VP, Design

Elsa is a founding designer at Roadster, responsible for driving the brand creative, user experience and product design efforts. Prior to Roadster, she served as creative director at Wikia and at POPSUGAR, where she managed the design team responsible for creating and executing the online presence for the woman’s lifestyle brand. Elsa’s work has won awards from McDonalds, Nestle, Sony, Yahoo, SXSW, and from Queen Elizabeth herself. She has been featured in numerous websites, books and magazines, including Refinery29, Sunset and Print. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic design from Saito Academy in Malaysia.

  • First car: 1966 Volkswagen Beetle
  • Current car: 1980 Mercedes 300SD
  • Dream car: 1957 Mercedes-Benz 300SL

Mike Lenz

Co-founder + Engineer

Mike is responsible for Roadster's search, checkout and dealer features. Prior to joining Roadster, he was a co-founding developer at ShopStyle and VP of Engineering at POPSUGAR. Before that, he held engineering roles at VeriSign, Netscape and Apple. Mike has degrees in symbolic systems and computer science from Stanford University.

  • First car: ’80s-era Buick Roadmangler
  • Current car: BMW i3s
  • Dream car: VW electric bus

Vincent Lo

Co-founder + Engineer

Vincent works on infrastructure, asset management, direct marketing and CRM at Roadster. Prior to joining the team, he was a co-founder and CTO of FabKids, a subscription-based children’s apparel company that was acquired by JustFab. Before that, Vincent was an early engineer and manager at Ariba, and served as a software architect at Apple. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from Brown University.

  • First car: Volkswagen GTI
  • Current car: BMW M3
  • Dream car: Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing

Trey Matteson

Co-Founder + Engineer

Trey is in charge of optimizing Roadster’s vehicle inventory system and catalog, as well as search scoring and interface. Prior to joining the team, he was a co-founding engineer at POPSUGAR’s ShopStyle, responsible for the search algorithm, analytics, SEO and iOS app. Before that, Trey held several engineering positions, including consultant on iChat and Safari at Apple, software architect at Ariba, and engineering manager at NeXT and Apple. Trey holds a Bachelor of Science in math and computer science from Brown University.

  • First car: Black 1980 Mercury Capri
  • Current car: Acura RDX
  • Dream car: Manual transmission Mini convertible

Kevin Whitley


Kevin is a developer at Roadster, working to provide the best user interface. Previously, he was a senior engineer at POPSUGAR’s ShopStyle, and an architect at Ariba and several other software companies. Kevin holds both Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Physics from U.C. Berkeley.

  • First car: Green Volkswagen Beetle
  • Current car: Mazda Miata convertible
  • Dream car: Mazda Miata convertible