Get your Express Store up and running in just weeks.

Step 1

Get up + running fast

Our implementation team will get you ready to roll with Roadster in just weeks. An inventory feed is set up with your existing provider and we’ll load your specified finance and lease rates, layering in all applicable incentives, rebates, taxes, service plans and accessories.

Step 2

Integrate your current systems

We work well with others — website providers, CRM companies, trade valuation tools, lending solutions, auto decisioning tools, etc. You can easily integrate them into our solution to help your team function as effectively as possible.

Step 3

Get compliance cleared

Whether it is OEM compliance, regional market compliance or your own dealership’s legal compliance — we go through the necessary steps to ensure you’re in the clear before launch day.

Step 4

Drive in traffic

Once your Express Storefront® is live, we’ll help make sure customers know all about it. We’ll supply you with free marketing assets that are customized to your brand — like homepage heroes, banners, buttons and video assets — to help drive traffic to your shoppable inventory.

Partner Power

A Video Q&A with RunBuggy’s Co-founder & Head of Product

In this 3-minute Q&A, RunBuggy’s Bryan Boye shares what partnership means to him and how partnerships like the one between RunBuggy and Roadster can help unite a siloed industry.

Learn more about the Runbuggy integration.

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