Measure Digital Retailing ROI

Digital-retailing success is measured across KPIs that ultimately add to your bottom line.

Calculate ROI Using Digital Retail Tools for:

Online Retailing Prospects*
Your Average Close Rate (percent)*
Average gross profit per car*
DR close rate (Roadster Avg)12%
Incremental Sales18
Incremental Profit/Month$39,456
Annualized Profit$473,472

*Input your dealerships numbers

Dealers using Roadster recognize ROI improvements over these major categories.

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Roadster’s Express Storefront offers digital retailing capabilities — and so much more.

2X More Engagement

Dealers who use our digital-sales platform report twice as much online engagement as the industry average.

70% More Efficiency

Our omnichannel-commerce capabilities enable dealer-partners to work multiple deals at once and sell 17 cars per person per month, on average — compared to the industry average of 10.

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