Showroom Tools

Sales agents can use the same Express Storefront platform to transact in store that customers and internet/BDC teams use online. Enhanced with showroom-specific features, it enables them to build trust — along with deals — side by side with customers at a kiosk or on a tablet.


Check In the Customer

Our digital sales platform seamlessly connects customers’ online and in-store experiences into one omnichannel transaction. Sales agents can simply check customers into the showroom to recall their previous online activity and continue where they left off without repeating any steps. This enables ⅓ of customers to finish the transaction in under 1 hour.*


Recommend Vehicles & Compare Trims

Our Vehicle Recommender makes it simple for sales agents to conduct a needs assessment for their customers and find inventory that is an exact or near match for their criteria. It also allows them to educate customers about the differences between trim levels.


Highlight the Vehicle’s Features

Before the customer takes a test drive, sales agents can use their Express Store to do a vehicle presentation. All of the information a customer could want to know about any piece of inventory is readily available for the sales agent to reference.


Pencil Deals Side by Side

Sales Agents can guide customers as they build their deal on a tablet or at a kiosk. They can point out how different payment options, down payment amounts and terms change the monthly payment. They can introduce F&I products to encourage customers to add them to their order. And they can display a transparent price breakdown that builds customer trust.


Compare Payments & Make Adjustments

Sales agents can use our platform to compare payment options based on the customer’s inputs. They can also roll to payment and push the deal structure into their CRM, as well as into DealerTrack or RouteOne for decisioning. If authorized by a manager, sales agents can make real-time price adjustments, discounting the vehicle by an amount predetermined by the dealership.


Streamline the Sale

When purchasing in the showroom, customers can use their mobile device to complete their credit application, select F&I products, shop OEM accessories and snap photos of their driver’s license. This saves everyone time.


Save Deals & Share Details

Customers and sales agents can save deals within the Customers tab of Roadster Admin. Agents can use our Share Details feature to send customers a link to their deal sheet, so they can finish the checkout process online when it’s convenient for them, if they prefer.

*Source: Roadster & NADA, “Dealer Impact Study: Part 2,” September 2020.

Add-On Product*

Express Trade®

Our proprietary trade-valuation product uses mobile-first technology to simplify the way customers submit their vehicle info. It gives you complete control over the vehicle’s value and streamlines the process so you can present customers with a firm offer within minutes.

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*Requires Express Storefront

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