Manager Tools

Dealership sales managers want visibility and control, and Express Storefront delivers both. Our manager tools enable them to see all customer and agent activity, protect their dealership’s profitability and even offer deal assistance anywhere they have an internet connection.


Assign Agent Roles

Managers can give their team as little or much autonomy as they’re comfortable with by assigning roles and responsibilities to all agents in Roadster Admin.


Discount or Mark Up Your Vehicles

Provide customers with pricing transparency while also protecting your profitability. Using our Vehicle Pricing Tool, managers can discount or markup vehicles down to the individual VIN level based on age, available incentives, invoice pricing, etc.


Merchandise Your F&I Menu

To protect your backend gross, we enable managers to prominently merchandise F&I products throughout the Express Store experience. If customers don’t add a product at the start of their order, they’ll be prompted to do so again during checkout.


View Deals & Make Adjustments

Deal View within Roadster Admin gives managers full visibility into every saved deal for customers who are “checked in” to the showroom. From there, managers can make real-time adjustments to protect their dealership’s profitability.


Produce The Final Deal Sheet

Our platform makes it easy to request additional documents, such as stips or title and registration for an existing vehicle. They automatically append to the electronic deal jacket, which managers can review before producing the final deal sheet.


Manage Vehicle Delivery

Offer customers the modern convenience of home vehicle delivery through your Express Store. Your Dealer Success Manager can help you create delivery pricing rules based on the customer’s distance from your dealership.


View Reports & Optimize

To help managers optimize their results, we make it easy for them to keep a close eye on their Express Store performance within Roadster Admin. They can see how customers are engaging with the platform, get a helicopter view of the sales process and oversee their agent utilization to help them maximize their efficiency.

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