Online Car-Buying Experience

We built our online car-buying tools from the ground up with customers’ habits and hurts in mind. Our Express Storefront digital retailing platform enables customers to seamlessly switch between online and in-store experiences so buying a car is as easy as buying everything else.


Find the Right Ride

Car buyers can shop your entire inventory 24/7 on any device. Our responsive design ensures it will look amazing on any size screen. They can filter search results to find new and used cars that meet their needs, preferences and budget.


See Upfront Pricing

On your Express Store, car buyers can see your best price instantly or when they provide their contact information, if your OEM requires it. They can choose from among 3 purchase options — finance, cash or lease — and see how the price changes based on their estimated credit score, and preferred down payment amount and term.


Calculate Accurate Payments

To present customers with transactional pricing, data accuracy is a must. Our platform processes hundreds of data sources to provide car buyers with near penny-perfect payments that include all taxes and fees based on their zip code.


Value Your Trade

Car buyers can opt to get an estimate for their trade-in vehicle, or a firm offer using either Roadster’s Express Trade or a solution of your choice that we can easily integrate with.


Determine Loan Payoff

Customers with an existing car loan can enter their information and lender’s name. We’ll pull the amount they owe and factor it into their deal.


Shop F&I Products

Prominently display your most popular service and protection plans early and often throughout the Express Store experience. Customers can review online brochures and videos, and add products to their deal sheet. If they don’t add a product at the start of their order, they’ll automatically be prompted to add something during checkout.


Add Optional Accessories*

Make it easy for shoppers to customize their cars with optional accessories. Customers can load up on the extras they love — from cargo nets to cross bars — right from your Express Store.


Complete Credit App & Upload Docs

Car buyers can apply for financing online by completing an encrypted credit application that will automatically push into your lending solution. They can also upload photos of their driver’s license, which will append to the customer record.


Choose a Lender

After car buyers submit their credit application, we’ll present them with a choice of lenders and the rates they qualify for so they can make an informed choice in real time.


Reserve Your Vehicle with a Deposit

If car buyers need more time to complete their order or prefer to do so in your showroom, they can skip the previous checkout steps and, instead, reserve their vehicle with a credit-card deposit.


E-Sign the Final Deal Sheet

Customers can enjoy ultimate convenience by electronically signing documents such as proof of insurance, income verification, odometer statements and their final deal sheet. Afterward, they can schedule pickup or delivery of their vehicle.


Visit the Dealership (Optional)

If customers opt to complete their purchase in your showroom, they can use our Customer Check-In feature to pick up wherever they left off at home. This enables them to finalize their transaction in under 1 hour.**

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*Availability varies by manufacturer
**Source: Roadster & NADA, “Dealer Impact Study: Part 2,” September 2020.

Add-On Products*

Express Store Live™*

This dealer chat solution is managed by Roadster’s live automotive experts. They leverage the features found within your Express Store to instantly answer customers’ questions and engage them in conversations that lead to higher quality opportunities.

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Express Trade®

Our proprietary trade-valuation product uses mobile-first technology to simplify the way customers submit their vehicle info. It gives you complete control over the vehicle’s value and streamlines the process so you can present customers with a firm offer within minutes.

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Express Marketplace®

Extend the power of our platform across your entire dealer group. Drive traffic more efficiently to a fully interactive marketplace where customers can shop your cross-brand inventory and begin building deals.

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*Requires Express Storefront

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