Frequently Asked Questions

What is Roadster Concierge?

Roadster Concierge is a hassle-free car buying service where we act as an auto broker for your new car purchase (through our subsidiary Roadster Automotive LLC, a licensed California Auto Broker). Similar to when buying or selling a house, a broker will help you through all aspects of the transaction. We work with dealers on your behalf so you can avoid many hours typically spent negotiating or sitting in the Finance office at the dealership.

Why should I use Roadster Concierge rather than negotiate on my own?

People should use Roadster Concierge because our brokers have a pulse on the market and are privy to proprietary manufacturer information on various finance, lease, and purchase programs only made available to dealerships. It comes down to how much time you are willing to spend to find the right car and negotiate a deal. Even if you contact multiple dealers and play them off one another, you still may not have received the best overall deal. Furthermore, you may end up with a second-choice color or options that you didn’t really want.

How do I set up a Test Drive?

We recommend that you test drive a few models before you make a decision and start the buying process. We work with every brand and dealer.

Remember you are under no obligation to buy a car from the dealer where you test drive — we can usually get you a better deal by negotiating across multiple dealers.

What is the process and how do I work with Roadster Concierge?
  1. We review where you are in the process, i.e., have you driven the car(s) you are considering? Have you already been quoted on the terms?
  2. We match available cars in the western U.S. that fall within your specifications.
  3. We review the available cars, and then we move forward and request pricing from at least three dealers.
  4. We send you a deal sheet with the price, lease, and/or finance terms and secure the car with your approval.
  5. The car is brought to our offices prepared with a full tank of gas and all the paperwork ready to be signed.
  6. We schedule a convenient time for your car to be delivered to your home or office.
  7. We bring you the car and you sign paperwork in 15 minutes or less. Also, if you are interested, your Roadster Delivery Specialist will set up your Bluetooth phone and show you the key features.
  8. You are on your way!
How do you get cars at better deals than a savvy buyer?

There is more to a car deal than price. An industry practice when financing or leasing is to mark up the borrowing (APR) or the lease rate (money factor). Roadster will always get clients the “buy rate,” which is the lowest possible rate offered by the manufacturer for a given credit tier. The prices we obtain for our customers are always at the low end of the price spectrum.

Why? Because dealers that engage with Roadster are dealers that “get it” and elect to focus on incremental units sold rather than always achieving a target gross profit per vehicle.

Am I buying the car from Roadster or the dealer?

We facilitate the purchase transaction between you and the dealer. Every new car comes directly from a dealership. The cars are sold as new and carry the manufacturer’s warranty, and qualify for any and all rebates and incentives offered by the manufacturer on new cars. The contracts you sign are prepared by the respective dealership that we work with for your car purchase.

Can I work directly with a dealer?

Absolutely, Roadster lets you search the inventory across hundreds of dealers all in one place. Just use our Build and Find feature to find a car with the features you want and we’ll match available cars near you. When you are ready to buy, we’ll show you exactly what VINs (vehicle indentification number — a unique serial number for every car) are at local dealers and you can request a price quote.

Are you able to match advertised lease specials?

Yes. We can always work with our dealer partners to beat advertised lease specials for a given make/model. The advertised lease special is often confusing to buyers. We can walk you through the numbers and help you make a good decision on finding the properly equipped car for your needs, along with a lease program most advantageous to you. For many people, leasing makes great sense.

What if I have a car to trade in?

Our team can help you get you a great price for your trade-in. Complete our short survey using your smartphone or computer and we’ll get multiple bids on your existing car. By creating a market for your vehicle, Roadster will typically get you a much better price than you would get from the dealer where you are buying a new car. At the time of your new car delivery, we will do a quick walk-around inspection of your car (confirm mileage, no major damage or mechanical issues) and pay you for the trade-in. Roadster also handles all of the DMV paperwork so you don’t have to worry about anything. It’s that simple — we do the heavy lifting and you get paid.

Can you help me buy a used or “pre-owned” car?

Sorry. Our service is for new car (and truck) purchases because we are extremely confident of the product quality. We can negotiate and secure cars across hundreds of dealers knowing that you are getting a brand new vehicle regardless of source. With used cars and trucks, mileage and condition is a much bigger factor, so it is much harder to broker a transaction without the customer test driving that specific vehicle.

Do you receive any compensation from dealers in the process of brokering my car deal?

As is common industry-wide, we typically receive a fee from dealers. However, Roadster will never charge the dealer more than 1.25% of the purchase price — much less than other brokers and car buying services. The logic behind this practice is as follows: Our brokers do most of the actual work compared with what the dealer does. Most dealers want to work with Roadster because we bring them in-market buyers who have paid to have a professional auto broker drive the process. We collect credit information, verify client identity, run numbers to ensure the contracts are done correctly, and, finally, we walk customers through signing paperwork and car delivery. Dealers understand that the effort involved is substantial and will pay us to help them sell incremental cars so they can increase volume and earn additional manufacturer bonuses.

How much money will I save using Roadster Concierge?

The actual dollar amount will vary based on supply and demand for the specific make/model you desire. An easy way to save money is to find and buy a car that is equipped with the features and options you really want. We search the entire state of California and sometimes the entire western U.S. to find the perfect or nearest match to your preferences. There are situations where we can save thousands of dollars because we will work with dealers who focus more on volume and less on gross profit per vehicle. That said, if, for example, you are buying a car in extremely short supply, you may save only a few hundred dollars, but the benefit beyond the monetary savings will be satisfaction gained by getting the car in the color you like and with the features you prefer.

Can I custom order a car using Roadster Concierge?

If you can’t find the exact car you a looking for, we can work with one of our dealer partners to custom order a vehicle for you. You’ll get all the convenience of our hassle free broker service. We can still negotiate a great price for custom orders and we’ll always make sure you receive all available incentives and finance/lease programs. Once the car is received from the manufacturer, we’ll schedule delivery to your home or office.

What is the Roadster Concierge Service and Delivery fee?

Our $295 service and delivery fee covers all aspects of using the Roadster Concierge service, including price negotiation, contract processing, and delivery of your new car to your home or office (major metro areas only). For customers outside of the major metros, we will work with our dealer partners either to have them deliver the car or arrange for you to pick it up from their dealership.

In most cases, we collect a $100 deposit when you engage the services of our Concierge team. The balance of the Service and Delivery fee is due when you schedule your new car delivery — after all pricing and deal terms have been finalized. We offer a 100% money back guarantee for the deposit, if for any reason you end up deciding not to acquire your new vehicle through Roadster. No questions asked!

In rare cases, we may ship a vehicle across the state in order to take advantage of large regional price differences or in order to provide you with a rare car that is only available hundreds of miles away. In these cases, we may charge an additional transport fee that typically ranges between $250-$400. This will be fully disclosed to you prior to any commitment on your part.

Do you help car buyers throughout the U.S.?

Roadster is only available to car shoppers in the state of California. However, we are in the process of rolling out our platform through dealership websites across the country. Check back for a list of our dealer partners (coming soon).

What forms of payment do you accept?

For payment of the $295 Roadster Service and Delivery fee, including the $100 deposit, we accept most popular credit cards. We will collect your credit card information for the deposit either via our website or over the phone. You will then pay the balance online via credit card when you schedule delivery of your new car. Alternatively, if that is not possible, Roadster may accept a personal check at the time of delivery.

For the amount due to the dealership for your new car purchase, Roadster will accept either a personal check or in some cases, a credit card payment. The amount due at delivery is based on how you decided to purchase the car (cash, finance or lease). Payment is typically in the form of a personal check, though most dealers will take credit cards for an amount between $2K–$5K.

If you would prefer to pay your down payment or drive-off by credit card, please let your concierge know so he/she can check the dealer’s credit card payment limit as well as which credit cards are accepted.

How long does it take to get a new car using Roadster Concierge?

Once you order a car online, we can get the car to you in as short as 48 hours, depending on the availability and location of your desired car.

How much money does Roadster make on my trade-in?

Our process is designed to be efficient and help you sell your car with minimal effort — no inspection, no DMV paperwork, no phone calls at all hours of the day, and no dealing with potentially flaky or dangerous buyers.

Of course, there is a cost associated with offering this service. Roadster incurs substantial risk that a vehicle is not in the condition described, especially since we don’t require a 2-3 hour inspection of your vehicle. To cover that risk and the effort we put into getting the best possible offer for your car, we target a profit for each trade-in of $300 to $500.

For trade-ins, our service includes:
  • Competitive Bidding — Secure bids from a network of wholesale partners
  • DMV Paperwork — Complete and submit all required DMV paperwork (Title Transfer/Release of Ownership, Odometer Certification, Notice of Transfer & Release of Liability)
  • Pickup of vehicle — Concierge pickup service at your home, office or location of your choice

What is a Roadster Lease Special?

The Roadster Leases program offers monthly lease specials that detail exactly how much you will have to pay, including all the taxes and fees, to lease a new car. All Roadster Lease Specials feature a no-markup money factor and an aggressively negotiated, up-front, vehicle sale price. We reviewed all the current manufacturer lease deals in California and took a sharp pencil to the ones that we think will be most attractive to our customers. The Roadster Lease Specials feature inventory that is in plentiful supply and should be available for immediate purchase.

Can anyone get these deals?

These deals are available to anyone that meets manufacturer credit criteria and is in our current service area, the State of California.

When will the new Roadster lease specials be announced each month?

New lease terms are released by manufacturers during the first week of every month. Roadster will publish its new lease specials as they become available, usually within the first five days of the month. All of the Roadster lease specials will be published at

If I find a better lease deal, will Roadster match the price?

It is important to look at all terms associated with a lease to determine if one deal is better than another. Roadster lease specials feature no-markup money factors and an aggressively negotiated, up-front, vehicle sale price. Our Roadster Concierge team is happy to review any lease deal our customers have been offered. Your Client Manager will compare terms, evaluate options, and determine if Roadster can provide a more appealing overall deal, including your trade-in value, if relevant. Roadster can also customize lease terms, including term length, drive off amounts, and mileage allowance, to meet your needs.

How many cars is Roadster offering in the lease specials each month?

The number of models offered each month will vary, but will be anywhere from 30 to 50 models across 8 to 10 different categories.

Are only certain type of cars going to be featured in these lease deals?

We will feature cars across a broad range of categories, including SUVs, Minivans, Luxury Sedans, Hybrids, Crossovers, and others. The specific cars, colors, and options packages selected are commonly available, so you should get your car in a timely fashion. Roadster can offer very attractive lease deals on other cars as well, so don’t hesitate to request a custom lease on the specific vehicle you are interested in.

Can I still do a trade-in if I take advantage of a lease from Roadster?

Certainly. Roadster is happy to help you sell your vehicle whether you buy or lease, or even if you are not acquiring a new car. Just fill out our trade-in form and a Roadster representative will be in touch with you.

What if the specific car I’m interested in is not a Roadster Lease Special?

Roadster can offer very attractive lease deals on most cars, so don’t hesitate to request a custom lease on the specific vehicle you are interested in.

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