Sunnyvale Volkswagen


Sunnyvale Volkswagen, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, is the leading eGolf seller in the U.S. For several years, General Manager Mike Ebrahimian had been on the search for a true omnichannel commerce platform to serve his tech-centric customers, ease bottlenecks at the sales desk and relieve friction points amongst sales and finance teams. He evaluated many of the digital retailing solutions on the market but found most of them to be glorified payment calculators vs. actual transaction platforms.

With efficiency gains at the top of his must-have list, Mike knew that a plug-n-play digital retailing solution was not enough. He needed a transactional platform that could be used not just online, but in-store as well.


On the heels of a showroom renovation, Sunnyvale Volkswagen launched with Roadster in June 2019. Leveraging Roadster’s Express Storefront they mapped out a completely new sales process. Armed with iPads, salespeople now have complete control of the sales process to take customers (instore and online) from needs assessment to inventory searching, penciling and desking the deal from start to finish - saving valuable time for everyone. Sales managers are able to get out from behind the desk to greet customers and coach their teams.

Salespeople are also incentivized to introduce F&I by showcasing products throughout the Express Store experience. Not only has this increased their F&I product penetration, but it has significantly reduced the friction between sales and F&I managers.

Not only is the team working better together, but Mike has seen a significant reduction in the time it takes to onboard new employees. Being able to get a new employee on the showroom floor in 2-3 days instead of 2-3 weeks means having the ability to sell more cars in less time.

We used to have a serious bottleneck in the sales process with a line of salespeople at the sales manager’s desk day in and day out. With Roadster, the friction is gone -- salespeople desk their own deals and managers are free to greet customers and coach their team. Not only has this made our team more productive, but we have significantly reduced the amount of time spent completing the deal.

Mike Ebrahimian
General Manager, Sunnyvale Volkswagen


Product Penetration


49% to 71% on all products.

Used Car Front-End Gross


Before: $586 versus After: $1031

Customer Satisfaction

+89 NPS

vs. industry average

On-boarding Time

2-3 Days

Reduced from 2-3 weeks

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