Roseville Mazda

Mazda Roseville is a preferred dealer in Northern California serving the Roseville, Sacramento, Citrus Heights, Folsom and Rocklin area Mazda buyers


Jason Griffin, the General Manager at Roseville Mazda has been in the auto business for 25 years. Serving the Bay Area tech community, he has always been a big believer in digital capabilities and full transparency. When he was called upon to run the new Mazda point for the For Any Auto Group up near Sacramento, he knew that he would want to run things differently. He opened the store in September of 2019 with eight salespeople, all of which had no prior automotive experience. Jason knew that he wanted to have a fully digitized sales process out the gate, so he turned to Roadster and the Express Storefront Digital Sales Platform to help him do just that.


Roseville Mazda onboarded with Roadster in March of 2020, right before the COVID-19 shutdowns occurred. While Roseville was not as restricted as the Bay Area, Jason still had to furlough most of his staff. As such, Jason was the primary sales agent for the dealership in March and April, which forced him to learn the power of the platform first hand. He used the Express Storefront to respond to every lead that came in and sold 40+ cars by himself, double what he would have sold without Roadster. 

In late April, Jason brought back 6 of his 8 sales agents and trained them to do everything out of the Roadster platform. By May their total sales were up to 72 vehicles, 20% more than the previous owners had ever accomplished.

Today, the Roseville Mazda team responds to every email with a virtual deal sheet and does all of their showroom activity, from penciling to deal finalization (before F&I) within Roadster. They are focused on transparency and helping the customer go at their own pace -- doing as much or little ahead of time as the customer would like, with the goal of getting them in and out of the dealership quickly. 

The secret to their success-- strong leadership and conviction. Jason had some people that didn’t want to sell this way, so he made the hard choice to let some of them go. 

According to Jason, one of the biggest benefits of the Roadster platform is how much it does for you. While competitors have to wait until the morning to find out what an internet shopper is looking for, his team can see the customer’s deal activity immediately in Roadster Admin, empowering them with valuable information to help the customer move forward with their purchase.

In fact, Roseville Mazda relies so heavily on empowering sales agents, that they have been able to reduce the number of sales managers required.  No more waiting at the desk for 10+ minutes to pencil a deal, sales agents can do most of it on their own.

Not only are sales agents happier, but they are selling more cars per person too. In June and July they averaged 16+ cars per person, and 100 units total. Even his 10 car sales guy is now selling 20+ units each month.

If you have tools to talk to people, you will be more successful. The Express Store puts you in an engagement situation, and customers are a lot more likely to respond.

Jason Griffin
GM Roseville Mazda


Increased Efficiency


sales per person (10-->20 units), with fewer agents and sales managers.

Higher Close Rate


increase in Internet close rate (5% in Dec 2019 → 26% in July 2020)

More Sales


more cars sold than prior years

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