Oxmoor Mazda

Oxmoor Auto Group represents six different brands in Louisville, Kentucky. Their Mazda store is a proud participant in the Mazda Digital Showroom initiative that integrates their Express Store experience right into the MAZDA USA website.


Chip Alvey, the eCommerce Director at Oxmoor Automotive Group has always been committed to providing customers with the best online experience possible. So, when Digital Retailing solutions first hit the scene, he was an early adopter. Chip and each store’s BDC team across the group tried multiple vendors before finding Roadster. While these providers offered payment calculators to their customers, the technology did not offer a fully transactional experience. He knew that to fully deliver on a modern customer experience, he would have to provide a way for customers to complete the transaction online just like they can with Carvana, Tesla and other non automotive retail experiences.

This included the online experience at his Mazda store where in addition to driving traffic from various marketing channels and 3rd party sites, he was reliant on 20% of his lead volume coming directly from the Mazda USA website. So, not only was he hopeful that a fully transactional solution was available, he saw an opportunity to funnel all of his traffic, including prospects coming from Mazda USA,  into an online storefront where they could move people further down the purchase funnel.


After trying out other Digital Retailing solutions, Oxmoor Mazda and the rest of the Oxmoor Auto Group onboarded with Roadster’s Omnichannel Commerce Platform in mid 2019. Chip loved the look, simplicity and ease in which customers could walk through the entire transaction. With a BDC goal to provide customers with as much value as possible before the in-store visit, Chip trained his team on best practices-- Sharing vehicles of interest and deal sheets with all of his inbound inquiries. To his delight, engagement skyrocketed with customers spending 13-16 minutes between their dealer website and their Express Store, looking at 3+ vehicles before configuring their deals.

Chip knew that he found an experience that would work when his own BDC agents started using the Express Store to answer questions even when a customer was not on his website.  The speed of the Express Store and the access it provides to data makes it a lot faster to get the information necessary to help your customers. It was a tell tale sign that if his team loves using it, his customers will too.

When Mazda introduced the Mazda Digital Showroom initiative, there was zero question about funneling MAZDA USA visitors directly into his Express Store.

If customers are spending 16-18 minutes on my site, I know I have a good chance of selling them a car.

Chip Alvey
eCommerce Director, Oxmoor


Time On-site


Customers are now spending 13-16 minutes between their website and the Express Store experience.

Increased Efficiency


The BDC team can respond in minutes, not hours

More Profit


An average of $1600 front end gross vs. $1300 with non Roadster leads

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