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Want to stay ahead of the competition? Look to Longo Toyota, the world’s largest dealership and how they use Express Storefront with every transaction, both online and in-store to make car buying fun.
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Longo Toyota is the world’s largest car dealership and the #1 Toyota dealership in the U.S. for 50 straight years. It is the dealership that others emulate — it sets the standard for the industry but it also raises the bar with its customer experience in order to maintain continued success as a leader.
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Brendan Harrington, President at Longo Toyota, has been working to master the electronic sales process for the last decade. As the biggest car dealership in the world, Longo is everyone’s favorite target to dethrone, so there is a lot of pressure to constantly reinvent processes and systems to provide an ever better customer experience. He tried other online solutions with little success. But, ultimately, he knew he had to find a technology provider with a modern experience that his customers would love — someone who he could truly partner with to bring his vision to life.


Roadster partnered with Longo Toyota in 2016, providing them with an innovative omnichannel commerce experience that enabled flexible purchasing solutions. Customers enjoy the ability to start on a purchase path, building their own deals and picking up where they left off. This puts the control in the customer’s hands. Sales agents no longer need to bounce from guest to sales manager to settle on pricing. Most sales people can configure the transaction quickly at their desks and spend more time understanding the guest’s needs versus pricing concerns.
It’s made the process quicker, it’s made the process more transparent. We know that Roadster is changing the way our customers shop, and right now the numbers are shattering. We’re on a second straight year of record finance results.
Brendan Harrington
President, Longo Toyota


Increased Market Share

Increased customer satisfaction scores & significant market share growth

Happier Customers

Only Toyota dealer to win Toyota’s highest customer satisfaction scores every year

Better Close Rates

Closing ratio since partnering with Roadster

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