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Lexus of Lehigh Valley

A look inside Lexus of Lehigh Valley, one of the fastest growing Lexus stores in the country, reveals a heightened focus on customer experience with a sales agent that acts as the single point of contact throughout the entire transaction.
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Lexus of Lehigh Valley is one of the fastest growing Lexus stores in the country and the first to be Lexus Plus certified. This one-price store, located in Allentown, PA, focuses 100% on the customer experience and provides a single point of contact throughout the transaction. It’s no surprise their CSI scores are exceptional.
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President, Peter Cooper wanted to go beyond the requirements to become a Lexus Plus store, by giving his customers the ability to buy both online and in-store. He tried online-only solutions with little success at previous dealerships. But, ultimately, he realized he needed an omnichannel solution to create continuity of caliber between his in-store and online experiences.


Roadster partnered with Lexus of Lehigh Valley in 2017, providing them with an innovative omnichannel commerce experience. Customers enjoy the ability to build their own deals and pick up where they left off, whether that’s at home or in-store. Sales agents act as a single point of contact throughout the shopping experience. They use the Express Storefront® — on iPads and 55” screens — to assess customers’ needs. They also use it as a presentation tool on the showroom floor, on test drives and during home deliveries.
As important as this tool is online, it’s even more important in the showroom. Customers are mesmerized by it. It helps us PARTNER with the customer, as opposed to being seen as a double agent or adversary. It elevates the showroom experience; it isn’t just about transacting.
Peter Cooper
President, Lexus of Lehigh Valley


High Engagement

of calls reference the Lexus of Lehigh Valley website, and 50% of them reference a stock number only available through Roadster’s Express Storefront

More Efficiency

increase in sales in 2 years, during a time when the luxury category was down

Better Close Rates

Higher close rates than average internet department

Happier Customers

Consistent Customer Satisfaction Index of 100+ (4th highest of all Lexus stores)

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