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Audi Rocklin

Get an inside look at how Audi Rocklin enhances customer experience with Express Storefront for every first pencil, leading to higher gross profit and a 61 point increase in CSI.
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When there is transparency of information and ease of making a car deal...closing ratio goes up, CSI goes up and of course that transfers into the back-end of the deal. Roadster is the best thing to ever happen to our dealership!
Luke Smith
General Manager, Audi Rocklin
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How Audi Rocklin Uses Roadster

Launched Express Storefront to compliment existing philosophy of transparency.
Salespeople and customers use the platform to structure car deals side-by-side.
Used for every first pencil, reducing the frequency of 2nd pencils
Roadster prospects close 2:1 over traditional leads.
$1,000+ increase in front end gross.
CSI increased by 60 points.

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