Acura of Moncton

Acura of Moncton is the only Acura dealership in the province of New Brunswick, Canada serving customers from all over the province and the greater Prince Edward Island (PEI) area


Acura of Moncton has always sold 30%+ of their vehicles remotely given that they are the only Acura store within the Province of New Brunswick, but it was a fairly manual process taking credit apps and deposits over the phone. So when Wendy Bulmer, General Manager at Acura of Moncton decided to focus on expanding her used car business, leading to higher volumes,  it only made sense to bring in an omnichannel commerce solution like Roadster to facilitate these transactions.


Acura of Moncton launched with Roadster in December of 2019. While her dealer group (Steele Auto), thought she was clairvoyant given the COVID-19 pandemic that would shortly ensue, she chose Roadster as a way to engage with all of her inbound vehicle inquiries, enabling her sales agents to start the purchase process online with customers before having them drive 5+ hours to the store.

Fast forward to today, and Wendy and team are using Roadster with 80% of their customers. They share interactive deal sheets with every inbound lead that they receive from their website or third party marketplaces, and are directing all of their marketing efforts into their Express Store, encouraging customers to evaluate their options, build deals and start the buying process from the comfort of their home. If a customer in the showroom becomes a “be back”, they share a link to the vehicle they were considering and encourage the customer to pick up where they left off if they choose to buy.

When it comes to Digital Retailing, you have to think strategy first and foremost. You need to incorporate it into everything you do, from marketing to lead responses and your be back process. With Roadster I was not only able to bolster my customer engagement, but the platform made it super easy for my team to sell remotely. Our customers love it, but even more important is the fact that our employees love it too. Roadster is a fantastic partner. Beyond the software, they truly do care about helping dealerships evolve their sales process to meet the customer where they are.

Wendy Bulmar
General Manager


Inbound Inquiries


the number of inbound inquiries since promoting their Express Store capabilities

Sales Volume


Overall sales volume was up in June Y/Y when the Province as a whole was down 6%

Used Car Sales


Used car sales are up 15% Y/Y vs. the market which is down 15-20% due to COVID-19

F&I Profit


increase in F&I profit due to awareness and pre-selection within the Express Store

Market Penetration


Expanded radius of market penetration by 500+ kilometers

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