5 Key Messages to Consider

As the threat of COVID-19 disrupts people’s lives and livelihoods everywhere, it is critical to let your customers know that you are still available to serve them online.

To give you a jump start, we’ve compiled messaging examples from Roadster dealer partners around the country. See below for ideas on how to develop messaging that reminds your customers about your “contactless car-buying” capabilities.

Buy a Car Without Leaving Home


Remind your customers that they can shop your inventory and complete the transaction without leaving their home. Highlight any unique offers you have such as remote test drives, home delivery, service pickup/dropoff, online trade valuations, etc.

Example: Lexus of Lehigh Valley | Text

“Contactless Test Drives”


Emphasize your ability to offer at-home, “contactless test drives”. Consider updating your website CTAs to read “contactless test drives” or “at-home test drives,” and feature this prominently on your website banners.

Example: Honda of East Cincinnati | Text

Keeping Employees and Customers Safe


Describe your plan for keeping your employees and customers safe in your store. This can be posted on your website and might detail additional cleaning schedules, increased hand washing, hand sanitizer availability and adjusted in-store policies to accommodate social distancing.

Example: Keeler Motor Company | Text

Payment Relief and Deferral Plans


Check if there are OEM programs available to help customers who may be suffering financial hardships because this pandemic, yet still need to buy a car or make payments. For example, both Ford and GM have released payment relief and deferral plans geared toward helping current owners and buyers delay or reorganize payments, if needed. You can integrate these OEM resources into your messaging to alert your customers about their options.

Example: Rick Case Hyundai/Genesis | Text

Customer Reviews


If you’ve been offering customers online buying capabilities for a while, lean on the power of their endorsements. Search your Google Reviews, CSI or NPS surveys and Yelp pages and incorporate positive reviews about the online buying experience into your marketing.


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