Sun Auto Group

The Sun Auto Group is located in Upstate New York, with 4 stores scattered throughout the rural area outside of Syracuse, including a Chevy franchise and 3 used car locations. Dealer Principal Todd Caputo has never been afraid of change. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, he had already made significant adjustments to modernize his sales process, including moving to a one-price model.


Sun Auto Group utilized Roadster as a tool to structure digital deals for customers throughout the entire process, but the transactions were ultimately finalized at the store using touch screen televisions and iPads. They had to figure out how to finalize transactions remotely, without having customers visit them in-store, not even as a fall back plan.


Sun Auto Group achieved their sales with what could most accurately be described as a skeleton crew. Only 3 people per store are selling cars: one sales manager handling lead intake, one automotive advisor selling digitally, and one person hanging paper. That’s it for each of the four locations, for a total of 12 people focused on variable operations . They did have a few additional support staff to help with deliveries and document processing, but for the most part this pod of 3 rocked the show. To make things even more efficient, they limited dealership deliveries at the stores to 3 days a week, something that customers didn’t even blink an eye at.

If you aren’t a tech person in the car business, you aren’t going to be in the car business anymore.

Todd Cupto
Sun Auto Group


Increased Sales

Each salesperson is selling 2.5x the volume they were pre COVID-19

Increased Productivity

268 sales in April, tracking toward 400+ for May 100% delivered outside of the showroom, in a makeshift, contact-free delivery center.

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