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Transform your appointment setters into “deal concierges.”

Transform your BDC into a Deal Concierge team.


While showroom traffic is slow around the country, online traffic, leads and deal-making volume is still significant. Instead of focusing on scheduling appointments, your Internet and BDC teams can shift their focus towards guiding customers through the online car-buying process.

Whether it’s walking them through completing the online credit application and trade-in valuation, or completing the entire transaction, this is a great way to introduce customers to your digital storefront and demonstrate your value.

Share interactive deal sheets with inbound leads.


Once you know what a customer is looking for, you can share curated vehicle lists and deal information that engages buyers to take steps toward completing most (if not all) of their transactions online. Many of our dealer partners have been doing this successfully for years with all of their third-party leads. If you do not have a digital retailing solution, now is the time to consider one. For information on Express Storefront, click here.

To “Share Details” go to the in-store version of your Express Store, find the vehicle referenced or curate a list of VINS for the customer to consider and click “Share.” You’ll have the opportunity to add a custom message before emailing or texting the customer a custom link (based on their contact preferences).

Once the customer clicks the link, they’ll be taken to the exact configuration or vehicle list that you put together on their behalf. So, if you know how much they want to put down, and whether they’re interested in leasing or financing the vehicle, you can pre-set these options on the customer’s behalf.

Take a personal approach.


Your customers are your community members. COVID-19 presents an opportunity to up your empathy game and connect with them in a personal way that builds trust and brand loyalty. If possible, avoid outsourcing your chat and phone service and turn off your CRM auto-responders.

Take advantage of videos and video conferencing.


COVID-19 has quickly made us reliant upon — and comfortable with — video-conferencing. As a society, it’s enabled us to continue working, learning, exercising and even socializing — all from the confinement of home. For car dealers, in particular, it helps humanize the transaction. It also enables you to share your screen and show — rather than tell — information to your customers. This makes it easier for customers to visualize their online car-buying journey and the transparency breeds trust.

In addition to video conferencing, many dealerships are also exploring video responses to inbound leads, rather than standard emails. This is a great way to instantly build a connection while highlighting all of the online-buying capabilities available to customers. Beyond video lead responses, you may also consider creating video walkarounds of your inventory for customers who still prefer to shop from home.

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