At-Home Services

Bring the car to the customer with remote test drives and home delivery.

Make sure home deliveries are safe for your customers and employees.


Most dealerships have offered a home-delivery option for a while. However, now safety must be a priority during this service.

As with remote test drives, safety measures may include requiring your employees to wear gloves when they handle the vehicle or customer paperwork, and disinfecting vehicle handles and steering wheels before they hand the keys over to the customer, etc.

With online car-buying capabilities, the majority of the paperwork can be completed prior to home delivery. This way, the only thing customers need to do at the time of delivery is provide a wet signature in their driveway.

Offer service pickup and delivery.


Instead of allowing customers to sit around your dealership waiting for their cars to be serviced (and potentially spreading germs), offer to pick up and drop off their vehicle instead. This is a rather new concept for most dealerships, and you may or may not have the resources to do this.

If you do, be sure to put the proper safety protocols like you do with remote test drives. Provide your service advisor and technicians with gloves and a disinfecting solution to protect both them and customers from spreading germs. Consider covering the seats as well.

If you aren’t able to offer this service, be sure to stagger your service appointments so that there is ample room for customers to sit 6 feet apart and so you can thoroughly disinfect the area as people leave (and before new ones come in). Consider blocking off chairs to ensure safe social distancing or encouraging customers to wait outside.

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